Describe a tradition in your country

Describe a tradition in your country
Describe a tradition in your country

What is it ?

Who takes part in it ?

What activities there are?

And explain how you feel about this?

  • Well, there are many traditions in my country.
  • But here I would like to talk about the most popular tradition of my country which is karwa chauth.
  • This tradition is especially popular among the married women of India.
  • Women on this day keep a fast for the longevity of life of their husband.
  • On this day, women wake up at 4 o’clock and eat special foods which include homemade¬† sweets ,cookies, porridge ,milk, tea, fruits etc.
  • Women eat many other Indian dishes as per their taste.
  • As they cannot eat and drink anything after this.
  • Women stay without water for the whole day.
  • But in the evening they go to the Hindu temples to read a religious story based on this tradition .
  • There all the women listen to the reasons for celebrating this festival.
  • Then at 4 pm in the evening ,they worship the god sun and drink some water.
  • Then their fast continues until they see the moon.
  • Moreover, to celebrate this tradition women start shopping before a few days, as they wear everything new which includes beautiful dresses, shoes, makeup etcetera.
  • At night women dress up and do prayers with their husband in the presence of the moon ,as watching the moon is essential because they cannot break their fast without the moon.
  • After this, husbands help their wives to drink water and food .
  • And I feel that is the most interesting and sweet thing about this tradition.
  • I believe that it is the best way to show our love towards the other person.

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