Describe a time when you made promise to someone


Whom did you make the promise to

What the promise was

Why you made the promise

Was the promise easy to achieve

  • Well, in our life there are many situations when we have to make a promise with someone.
  • I also make promises with others but i think a lot before making any promise because i do not feel good if i can’t make my promise.
  • But here i would like to make about a time when i made a promise with someone and which i fulfilled very well.
  • I made a promise with my gym trainer for not eating any kind of junk food.
  • Actually I used to be a foodie and I used to love fast food like burgers,pizzas,noodles etcetera.
  • Therefore, i gained weight  and i came obese within few months.
  • And when i realised that i am getting fat i planned to join a gym.
  • But i was so addicted to fast food that i could not resist myself from eating it .
  • At that time my gym trainer was so frustrated with me because I was doing exercise in the gym in the morning and having junk food in the evening.
  • So, my trainer told me that if i want to lose weight i should stop consuming junk food.
  • Otherwise he will not allow me to enter the gym.
  • That was the reason why I had to make that promise with my trainer.
  • Well it was not an easy task for me because of my food cravings.
  • But I tried hard and I followed a plant based diet for 6 days in a week with one day of cheat meal on every sunday.
  • With the help of that plan and that promise I was able to lose my excess weight within a few months.
  • So, this is a promise that I made with someone.


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