Describe a special hotel you stayed in

Describe a special hotel you stayed in

Where it is

What it is like 

Why you went there

And how you felt about it

  • Well, I have not stayed in many hotels in my life, but I have had an experience of staying in a hotel once.
  • The name of that hotel is palm court and it is situated in Ludhiana.
  • I visited there for the first time during November 2019.
  • That was a multistory hotel. There were around 15 floors in that hotel.
  • That hotel was covered with white marbles all around which was giving that place a marvelous appearance.
  • The hotel was made in 1999 with a royal look and that look is still maintained, the entrance had many plants and a garage on the left side which makes it easier for everyone to park their vehicles.
  • I went to that hotel for my sister’s wedding.
  • Me and my family members stayed together in that hotel.
  • The room in which we stayed was very beautiful, and I really loved the window view as from the window we could see plants, garden and a big swimming pool at the back of the hotel.
  • Before I stayed there I used to think five star hotels were just a waste of money but after staying at palm court my opinion for hotels had changed.
  • I felt really great after staying in that hotel.
  • The room service was also incredible.
  • As soon as we ordered something, we were getting that thing.
  • The most amazing part was lunch in which I ordered Italian dishes though the dishes were expensive, but the taste made them worth that.
  • We all ate a lot that day.
  • Even though we went there for attend a wedding but we did not want to leave that hotel at all.

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