Describe a family that you like and are happy to know


You should say

-who they are

-where they live 

-how you know them

-and explain why you like them.

  • Well, i know many families but am not too familiar with all of them,but here i would like to talk about a family which i like and happy to know about .
  • The name of that family is khuranas.
  • They live next to our house.
  • They are a joint family.
  • There are 10 members in their family in which Mr.khurana lives with his wife,2,sons 2 daughter in laws and 4 grandchildrens.
  • Mr. Khurana is 70 years old and he is a retired officer.
  • They shifted into our colony 15 years ago. And i was too small then .
  • My mother says that I used to stay at their home for the whole day because I loved to play with their children. 
  • That is the reason why I know them very well.
  • I really like their family because in my family we are only 4  members and I really miss my grandparents .
  • Moreover , Mr. Khurana ‘s family is really amiable,and I do not feel bored in their family.
  • They all have a smiling  face and they never get angry at each other.
  • Even in this era ,they are living in a joint family which amazes me alot.
  • Apart from this , their family has great unity and they all support each other in tough situations.
  • Whenever they have a tough situation in their family they all sit together and try to find the best solution to that problem.
  • They all are good listeners .
  • The elders give equal chances to the young ones  for giving suggestions on anything and young ones always listen to their elders patiently.
  • Due to all these qualities in that family I really like them .
  • So, this is the family which I like and am happy to know about.

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